AE goes green with Puma Energy.

AE was appointed by their client Puma Energy to manufacture and install the fuel retailer’s first solar and wind powered main identity (MID) pylon signs. The structures, which both reached a height of 15 meters, were installed on either side of the N3 highway at Puma’s service station Roadside between Vrede and Warden. Not only are the MIDs the largest of their kind for the PUMA brand, the signs are also pioneers in the field of more energy efficient advertising displays.

Puma Energy, brought the idea of a solar and wind powered MID to AE and solar and lighting solutions company MSC. Fuelled by the desire to be off grid, the AE and MSC team changed the power supply source for the MID and included twelve 300W solar panels as well as two 800W wind turbines which would charge the battery bank installed inside the pylon structure.

The decision was made to power the MID with both wind turbines and solar panels, to ensure that the structure is always functioning at full power even during the absence of one of the two elements, and that the batteries remain sufficiently charged to power the pylon. The 15 meter pylon uses a total power consumption of 1700W when all the lights and pricing boards are displayed in the evening and 400W during the day when only the pricing boards are being illuminated.

What sets the pylon signs apart (other than their size) is not only the drastic reduction in operational costs they present, but also by reducing the electricity drawn from the grid, the MIDs are playing their part in the global battle to reduce the carbon foot print.