AE the sole supplier to Zuva Petroleum.

After a successful RFP procedure, AE was appointed as the sole supplier to Zuva Petroleum Zimbabwe, to supply new look signage across their network. Zuva provided a basic conceptual branding outline, and from there AE developed the full signage and branding identity, and signage product specifications. Using our extensive experience in signage manufacture, our design team did full product conceptualisation and design, and compiled a detailed signage manual. This included 3D renders of typical stations, as well as digital “walkthroughs” of what the signage would display like at a typical service station.

The final project scope came to 70 service stations and 14 depots. After the signage for the two prototype sites had been manufactured, installed and approved, AE sent representatives to each proposed site to do a full and comprehensive site survey. Back in South Africa, all the information gathered was processed and loaded onto our proprietary, innovative online site check solution, where all role players could log into the online site, view signage proposals, make comments or request revisions where necessary, and from there approve artwork and orders.

AE believes in upskilling local companies when doing business in foreign countries, and as such local riggers were trained on the first two sites to do the installations for the remainder of the rollout. From commencement of the production phase to the final completion of all requirements, the project was headed up by a senior AE project manager and support team who co-ordinated the project and shipping of the signage between two different depots in Harare and Bulawayo, for local distribution from there.

AE also provided Zuva with a detailed installation and maintenance manual detailing the processes and procedures required to install the signage correctly and keep it in good working order for years to come.

The first installations commenced in March of 2015 and by the end of the year all of the signage for the 84 sites had been manufactured.

This was a well designed, planned and executed project. With AE’s ethos of excellent teamwork and a passion for design and implementation of signage projects, AE has set itself apart as a world class signage supplier with the capacity and capability of handling large scale and deadline driven signage rollouts.